——Jun 08, 2018It's always a pleasure dealing with Pangu

Pangu provided us a high quality product on time with no issues. Their communication and knowledge have exceeded my expectations. We look forward to doing business with them.

Great products, fast service, friendly and knowledgeable representatives. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Pangu.We appreciate the high level of customer service that was provided throughout the pricing, submittal and ordering phases.

Pangu Workshop

Pangu is a China hand tools manufacturer, dedicated to the goal of producing the finest hand tools in the world. Pangu also manufactures custom hand tool to meet specific needs of OEM customers. Contact us to get more info:

Email: Pangu@pangutools.com

Tel: +86-0534-6803678, +86-0534-6803788

Fax: +86-0534-6803678

Skype: sunny2002sun

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