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Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a factory specializing in the production of hand tools

Do you have certification?

Yes, our company has passed ISO9001 certification, our products have passed the German TUV/GS certification, and the wooden handle products are FSC products.

Is there a minimum order quantity for orders?

No, we are happy to serve each customer.

How long is the delivery time?

It is generally 45 days after the deposit is received.

How do I pay?

Usually TT and sight L/C, TT is 30% prepaid, and the remaining payment is paid after seeing a copy of the bill of lading.

Can you provide samples?

Of course, you can send us an inquiry sheet. After selecting the right product, we will provide samples for your reference.

Can I visit the factory?

Yes, our factory is located in Leling City, Shandong Province, and is approximately one hour's drive from Jinan Airport.

How is your product quality?

Our company's products are produced in full accordance with the German GS standard. This standard is the highest standard for hand tools in the world..

What areas or countries are your products mainly exported to?

Our products are mainly exported to the European Union, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia.

How many types of your company is products?

Our company has more than 1,000 types, and we have the most complete type in all Chinese factories.

How is your product packaged?

Our products are packed in export cartons, iron pallets and wood packaging, and can also be packaged according to customer requirements.

Has the company been audited?

Yes, the company conducts social responsibility inspections and quality inspections according to customer requirements every year, such as TESTO inspections, Wal-Mart inspections.

How long is the product shelf life?

Normal shelf life is six months.

Can your goods be sent to the port to complete the export declaration?

Yes, we have the right to export ourselves.

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