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Assurance of capacity and supply capacity

Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 and has been developing for more than 50 years. Manufacturing of hand tool products based on axes, hammers, crowbars and nails, as well as ladder products based on aluminum alloy ladders. The annual production capacity of hand tools exceeds 20 million pieces, the annual production capacity of aluminum alloy ladders is 100,000 pieces, and the supply period is maintained at about 45 days.

Pangu Industry
  • 1966 Established in 1966
  • 20 million Annual production capacity of hand tools
  • 45 D Supply cycle
  • Equipment introduction and manufacturing process

    Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., Ltd.Yes A large-scale hand tool factory, we have a complete production process, including a mold processing center and a product inspection center, which can meet the customer's OEM processing requirements. We have been engaged in the production of hand tools for many years, and we continue to reform and innovate. We have introduced advanced production equipment to improve product quality and efficiency.

  • Automatic forging line

    Automatic forging line

    The machine operates automatically to make the product appearance more standard and increase the output by 30%.

  • Independently developed heat treatment technology

    Independently developed heat treatment technology

    By modifying the quenching process of German parts, the hardness of the axe head is controlled between 45 and 55 degrees.

  • Salt spray tester

    Salt spray tester

    Accurately test the corrosion resistance of the axe, which can keep the axe sharp in harsh environments.

  • Tension Tester

    Tension Tester

    Accurately test the traction of the axe so that each axe can meet the German DIN standard.

  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer

    Carbon and sulfur analyzer

    Accurately test the chemical composition of steel to ensure the accuracy and quality standards of raw materials.

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