——Jun 20, 2020Selecting a professional, top quality hammer

The most expensive hammer you can buy is the cheap hammer which can become a dangerous liability in its short lifespan. A quality hammer can be a lifetime investment.

The first consideration of any guy who knows his hammer is balance. The proper head-to-handle weight distribution is very important. When a hammer has good balance, it seems to swing itself. Good balance results in less stress on muscles and tendons, helping to eliminate common injuries associated with swinging a hammer.

The most important procedure in the manufacture of a hammer is controlling the temper or degree of hardness of the head. First, you need to start with the right steel——high carbon steel. You then need to achieve the correct hardening by a process called heat treating.


The depth of the hardening on the striking face is also an important factor. Many times, since you cannot see hardness, it is neglected, which affects the hammers durability and makes it a potentially dangerous tool. If it’s too hard it becomes brittle and chips easily. The eye of the hammer needs to be strong rather than hard, so the eye should be softer.

According to the professionals, the hammers with a hickory handle are best, next are the fiberglass, and then solid steel hammers when it comes to tiring and painful handle vibration.

It’s very important to ensure that the head-handle assembly remain secure. In a professional, top quality hammer, the head and handle should be assembled with a wooden wedge and steel wedges.

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